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Afriq Water is the supplier and manufacturer of high-quality irrigation products and offers solutions to several successful irrigation projects all over Southern Africa.

Afriq Water is a proud supporter of our Farmers and thank you for safeguarding our food security.

The Afriq Water Family

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Afriq Water Management is the brainchild of Wynand Ueckermann, who started the business in June 2015. Wynand, the Group CEO, has extensive experience suitable to provide services and products within the irrigation market.

He is supported by his wife, Hélana, who has experience in administration, operations and marketing specifically in a management and strategic capacity.

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Using their specific skills and experience; Wynand focuses on manufacturing, sourcing, development, and sales, and Hélana providing the support for the administration and marketing functions.

The Team

There are few entities that inspires confidence such as a family business. Each person on the team has a personal stake in the business. Nobody in the business is involved for short term gain, but rather a future for the whole family that is sustainable for the long term. It is for that reason that Karl Ueckermann and Justine Janse van Vuuren, the son and daughter of Wynand and Helana are involved in the business.

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Karl is a qualified electrician with a wealth of practical knowledge and is a huge asset in projects and manufacturing, whereas Justine brings a specific flair to the office, marketing, and sales.

The team further includes Joe Victor, who is responsible for exports within the Southern African region. Additionally, the team includes an admin clerk and five factory/warehouse staff, most of whom have been with the company from start up, all contributing greatly to the day-to-day running of the business.

The Story

In 2015 Afriq Water Management identified the need to have more cost-effective and easier to manage quick coupling irrigation products available as opposed to expensive and difficultly movable systems that was available, typically manufactured from steel. They sourced the HDPE Quick Coupling Sprinkler System from Turkey, which addressed the requirements off affordability and ease of movement both.

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Early 2018 Afriq Water Management identified the need for more water wise irrigation, for which dripline is the perfect solution. Afriq Water started to import dripline and dripline fittings, which addressed a specific need in a region where water scarcity is a huge issue.

The continued volatility in the Rand/Dollar exchange rate led the company to investigate the possibility of local manufacturing. After extensive research, the Company decided to import a dripline and HDPE manufacturing machine. From September 2020 the Company will manufacture their own pipes in Gauteng through their sister company Afriq Irripipe. This will allow Afriq Irripipe to source quality virgin raw materials from as far as Jordania as well as from local suppliers to manufacture world class products with technologically advanced state of the art machinery.

The results of moving into manufacturing have numerous benefits, with the most important benefit being availability of stock. Where there have previously been long lead times with imports, the company will now have standard stock items, and will be able to manufacture on demand with a short lead time.

What is happening at Afriq Water

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Smallholder Ad

Smallholder Ad February 2021

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Afriq Water offers an unbeatable solution on drip irrigation for vegetable farming.
Dripline Kit for a quarter of a hectare
4 blocks of 50 lines of 20m each (with instructions to install).
For only R 6649.36, VAT incl, Delivery cost excl.

  • 1 X 100m Roll 32mm Class 3 LDPE mainline
  • 1 X 50mm X 32mm Nylon Reducing Socket
  • 1 X 32mm X 32mm Nylon Male Combination Elbow
  • 2 X 32mm Nylon male adaptor
  • 1 X 32mm PVC Threaded Ball Valve
  • 1 X 32mm Nylon Female Adaptor
  • 1 X 32mm Y-Line Disk Filter
  • 1 X 32mm Nylon Elbow
  • 3 X 32mm Nylon Equal Tee
  • X 32mm Nylon Male adaptor< /li>
  • 4 X 32mm Nylon Insert End plug
  • 200 X Offtake Connector 14mm
  • 200 X Sealing rubber 14mm
  • 200 X End plug with ring 16mm
  • 50 X Coupling with ring for tape 16mm
  • 2 X 2000m Afriq Dripline (in total 4000m of dripline)
    0.2mm wall thickness 30cm spacing
    1, 2 or 4 litre per hour flow
  • Tank and Tank-stand available at additional cost

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Products and Services

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Quick Coupling Irrigation Systems

The Quick Coupling HDPE Sprinkler Irrigation System (QC system) is a reliable, durable and cost-effective HDPE sprinkler irrigation system.

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Quick Coupling Irrigation Systems

The system has been used for the past 40 years in all climate conditions, from harsh frozen winters to extremely hot summers. It is UV protected and is robust; the harsh African weather and sunlight poses no challenge for this unique product.

Quick Coupling Irrigation Systems

Dripline Irrigation Systems

The driplines are manufactured on the premises, with emitters and raw virgin material of the best quality, sourced from the absolute best in the industry.

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Afriq Water Driipline

Afriq Drip are manufactured to address a broad range of requirements:

  • Emmitter spacing: from 20cm – 1,2m (30, 45 and 60cm will be carried as normal stock items)
  • Drippers: 1 l/h, 2 l/h, and 4 l/h
  • Wall thickness:
    Light - 0.15mm – 0.20mm
    Medium - 0.30mm – 0.60mm
    Heavy - 0.90mm – 1.1mm

The product range for dripline include a full range of dripline fittings and filters. Afriq Water Driipline

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