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Afriq Water! We are serious about Irrigation!

Afriq Water is the supplier of high-quality products and solutions to several successful irrigation projects all over Southern Africa.

Afriq Water is a proud supporter of our Farmers and thank you for safeguarding our food security.


Afriq Water is present in an evergrowing Southern African irrigation market.

Africa has unique challenges in the agricultural sector, most specifically the effective use of a limited water supply and the availability of electricity.


Afriq Water has a specific understanding of the demography and climate circumstances within which the agricultural sector has to operate, and as such can present solutions customised to the client needs, not always understood by the international provider.


The assistance to overcome these challenges are part of our service and product offering.

Being able to operate from South Africa, which is considered to be the gateway to Africa allows us the opportunity to provide an efficient channel between international companies and consumers in Southern Africa.

Afriq Water, your best choice!

We are committed to support clients with solutions that are appropriate to their specific needs. In the process of sourcing products from various reputable suppliers worldwide, certain product ranges are identified to meet the generic and specific demands of industries.

With the support of a network of appropriately experienced technical sectors, for example, engineers, draughtsman and manufacturing we are able to supply our clients with unique and customised solutions for their water management needs. Our value chain would include all steps from identification of the demand up to the delivery of the solution.

These product lines are then offered to the rest of our client base on a supply basis. This has led to various well-known and trusted brands being distributed to a wide customer base. The product ranges offered and distribute include a wide spectrum of products, mainly focussed on the irrigation sector.

A typical project would start by identifying the demand, sourcing of product, adapting the product to specific customer need, proposition and customization of the solution and supply to customer on site.

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