About Afriq Water

We're a proud manufacturer and supplier of quality, cost-effective irrigation solutions for all of Southern Africa.

irrigating for a greener tomorrow

We believe in irrigating for a greener tomorrow.

By making farming more accessible to all, food can be more accessible to all.

We thank you, farmers, for safeguarding our food security.

irrigating for a greener tomorrow

The story

On a trip to the Turkish countryside, Wynand & Hélana Ueckermann noticed flourishing crops, and among them, bright orange fittings.

Wynand stopped and investigated. When he could pick up an entire line on his own, he talked with the farmer and realised how affordable and extremely durable the system was. That day, he made a choice that would change the lives of his family, forever.

From this Quick Coupling Irrigation System, a dream was born - Afriq Water. A dream to make irrigation more accessible to all, and make Africa greener.

Today, Afriq Water manufactures dripline, LDPE & HDPE, and Fertilizer Tanks and supplies Southern Africa with a wide variety of dripline fittings, as well as the Quick Coupling Irrigation Systems that started it all, from a factory located on the family plot - clocking in at over 1 000 m2.

The team

When a family runs a business together, they celebrate every success together. Each team member brings unique skills and talents to the table while also working seamlessly with the rest of their family members. As each member grows with Afriq Water, they find their place in a business that will continue to flourish on their own personal investment.

Meet the Team

We believe in irrigating for a greener tomorrow.


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Jansen van Vuuren



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