Afriq Water
Fertilizer Tanks

Fertilizer Tanks for Dripline and Sprinkler Irrigation

Afriq Water's Fertilizer Tanks make the application of liquid fertilizers on your crops and field easier than ever.

The use of liquid fertilizers to boost your yield and ensure a healthy crop is a necessary practice in modern agriculture for many farmers and works well with your sprinkler or drip irrigation system.

Liquid fertilizers are water-soluble minerals, added directly to your crop's soil, to promote the growth and health of the plants. These minerals are absorbed quickly and bring nutritional benefits to the plants soon after use.

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Benefits of Using a Fertilizer Tank and Liquid Fertilizers

  • Maximize profit by ensuring a higher yield.
  • Liquid Fertilizer is applied directly to the root zone of the plant, ensuring optimal absorption.
  • Flexibility in the timing of applications.

The following water-soluble fertilizers are ideal for use in agriculture*

*Please note: High concentrations of chemicals might damage not only your irrigation systems but your crop as well. Always follow fertilizer manufacturer recommendations to determine your ratio of water to fertilizer.

Nitrogen (N)

Used to promote the growth and health of leaves by boosting the plant's chlorophyll production. Especially useful in green-leaf vegetable crops.

Phosphorus (P)

Used to promote root, flower, and fruit growth. Especially useful in cut-flower gardens or fruit orchids, but almost all plants will thrive under this mineral. Often referred to as 'bud and bloom' fertilizers.

Potassium (K)

Used to promote rapid and healthy stem and stalk growth. Especially useful in tree crops.

Afriq Water Fertilizer Tank Specifications:

60 litre Vertical
Fertilizer Tank
Fertilizer Tank
100 litre Horizontal
Fertilizer Tank
Fertilizer Tank
200 litre Horizontal
Fertilizer Tank
Fertilizer Tank
  • Maximum Operating Pressure of 3 bar (300 kPa).
  • Tanks are made from 3mm thick steel sheets that are powder-coated in UV-Resistant orange.
  • Convenient handle placement for easy carrying.
  • Drain conveniently placed. Farmers can use a valve as a drain plug.
  • All connection points are clearly marked and are not interchangeable.